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How to navigate DUSK like a pro

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The comprehensive bar and drink A-Z. Where to go, what's the vibe, and where's open - all in beautiful map form. Like Pokemon Go, but instead of lil' furry fellas you're chasing free drinks and cool bars. Time to catch 'em all.

How do I search?

  • Tap on the 'magnifying glass' icon from the list view or map view.

  • Type in your favourite bar, or a specific area you'd like to explore.

  • Each location is automatically set to the centre. Use the map to move around until you've found the perfect spot.

How do I use Filters?

Narrow your search to find the one using map filters. From your favourite free drink to dog-friendly bars, be our guest.

  • 'Open now' shows you bars This filter is on when showing a white outline.

  • '+Filter' button to select additional filters. Choose your vibe, activity, free drink or spots to earn reward points.

  • 'Near me'. By default, bars are ordered closest to you. Looking elsewhere? Tap to open the search page and type in your suburb or city eg Shoreditch or Bristol.

How do I use the map?

When checking out the bar list, pull down on the map or tap the map icon (next to the magnifying glass) to see more around you. Your favourite filters apply, so you can explore however you'd like. Easy as pie.

  • Need to find the one? Search is available via the floating icon.

  • As you move around, new bars will load at the centre of the map

  • Free drinks & bars across the UK - zoom out to see where DUSK is

How do I use the map pins?

Cute icons, but what do they mean exactly?

Locked drink pin.

Sorry, VIP access only. This bar is locked if you don't have your card linked.

Grey pin.

Just a regular, cool bar to discover.

White drink pin.

Free drink, available now.

Timer drink pin.

This bar has a free drink available later in the night, or on another day.

Coloured drink pin.

This is a limited edition, branded drink. Here for a good time, not a long time.

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