Information on our referral scheme and how to claim your points.

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Share the love by inviting a friend to DUSK, and you both will receive 500 reward points on completion of the referral conditions.

What are the referral conditions?

Both users must link a card to DUSK in order to receive their reward points.

It doesn't matter if you have linked a card before entering a referral code, or the other way around, you have 7 days after registration to link and get your points.

What do I get for referring a friend, or being referred?

As a thank you for sharing the app, we will give both users 500 reward points.

The points will be distributed once the referred user has entered a valid code and linked a card to their account.

How do I share my referral code?

To find your referral code, go to your 'Profile' tab, and tap on the 'Invite a friend' button.

From there, you can choose to copy your referral code to the clipboard to send to a friend, or you can share your invite link, which will automatically enter your referral code once the app is downloaded.

How do I enter a referral code?

Once you have installed the app and signed up for an account, head to your 'Profile' tab and tap on the 'Enter a promo code' button.

Once you enter a valid code, your points will be given once you have linked a card to your DUSK account.

Why didn't I get any points for my referral?

Some of the most common reasons why users didn't receive their points for a referral are as follows:

  • The person being referred hasn't linked a card yet.

  • The person being referred hasn't entered a referral code/

  • The person being referred has linked a card and entered a code, however it was more than 7 days after registration.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us via live chat and we can help you.

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