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Find out more about free drinks and how to get them

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Free drinks! The life source. The mothership. A gift handed down from DUSK generation to generation. Find out here about free drinks and where and why we give them out.

Why do we give out free drinks?

Because we consider it our civic duty.

But also because we partner with the coolest drinks brands in the biz to run sampling trials. These brands want to promote a new drink or boost awareness of an existing one. The bars who partner with them to get these drinks into your hands simply want to drive footfall to their venues.

And because you love going out - your feedback and custom is invaluable to both brands and bars. It helps them improve drinks you love, pushes you to discover drinks you don't even know you love yet, and helps you discover cool venues.

How do I get a free drink?

We're always dropping new free drinks and campaigns.

Look out for the free drink button in the bars list or the free drink pin on the map to find out where you can nab one near you.

Once at the venue, simply tap the free drink button. You must show the bartender the drink confirmation screen in order to claim your drink.

Rate the venue, service and drink. Your honest feedback is appreciated and will be privately shared with both bar and brand.

Why do I not see any drink offers at the moment?

There may be times when we are not running any campaigns in your city. If that is the case, don't sweat. We'll be back soon with free drinks and until then you can still get exclusive offers and earn rewards by spending on your linked card at our partner bars.

Why are free drinks locked for me?

Free drinks are locked until you link a card with DUSK Rewards. Linking your card means you will be earning points every time you spend in our partner bars. Free drinks and dope rewards - it's a no-brainer! Find out more about DUSK Rewards and linking your card here.

Are there any limits to the free drinks?

You can only redeem one drink per person, each night - but there are also great follow-up offers to be had at the bar.

Can I give more feedback?

After redeeming a drink, we may send a post-drink survey. This is to get some in-depth feedback on your experience of the night.

Any other questions or issues just hit us up on the live chat πŸ‘Š

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